A Mill Shell on the Move

A Mill Shell on the Move

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Our client faced the challenge of transporting a single mill shell with oversize dimensions directly to the construction site in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The task required comprehensive planning, specialized equipment, and seamless coordination of various transportation modes across the Atlantic.

Due to the dimensions of the cargo, special vehicles and transport permits had to be obtained for the route to the port of Antwerp. Our Operations Specialist, Nicole, supervised the transfer of the shell onto a 100-ton Mafi trailer at the port: "It's always special when loading containers that are not everyday items. This is what makes the difference - we can transport anything from small to large." Indeed, while you may see a container every day on the road, encountering a moving pipe is rare. Due to the permits for these heavy transports, they usually occur at night when there is less traffic on the highways.

Upon arrival at the destination port in Baltimore, the mill shell continued its journey the last miles to its destination - the construction site - on a flatbed trailer. Everything went smoothly, allowing the construction site to receive the mill pipe on time to convert the raw material into building materials – the show must go on.

ITO Global Logistics is your ideal partner when it comes to tackling complex logistical challenges, especially for heavy transports to the USA and beyond. With our proven expertise and commitment to tailor-made logistics solutions, we ensure that your cargo arrives safely, efficiently, and on schedule at its destination. Let's master logistical challenges together - with ITO Global Logistics by your side.