„Our corporate culture is family-oriented and it is fun to come to the office every day.“

Sheila Gladstone
General Manager, ITO East Africa Ltd.

Kigali, Ruanda

One of the exciting things we have been working on at ITO East Africa was a project we oversaw back in 2020 as part of the Rwanda Educational Board (REB). This project had a very tight schedule to deliver laptops and other IT equipment to schools in Rwanda. These should be distributed across the country, including remote areas with very bad roads and places that were not accessible at all.

As if that wasn't enough, we had heavy rain during this time. I remember that one of the locations was facing debris flows at the time of delivery when our truck got there. We then had to turn back and walk miles to get to the school. It's one of those projects where today we look back as a team and smile that we made it well beyond any imaginable circumstances.

Overall, logistics is a great industry because it's evolving almost every day. Situations can change during the working day and even overnight. Then you need to think and act quickly – that's what I love about my job!